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Calling all Denizens

CounterPublic presented by the Luminary & School of the Museum of Fine Arts

St. Louis, MO & Boston, MA, 
Fall - Spring 2019

Calling All Denizens is a participatory research project that facilitates conversations, workshops, and programs that aim to cooperatively imagine the new political practice of denizenship as an alternative to the notion of citizenship. “Denizen,” derived from Latin deintus, literally means “from within.” Building on this historical meaning, Calling All Denizens partners with individuals and organizations to explore the notions of “from within” and “from without” as they pertain to the nuances of citizenship, sovereignty, migration, exile, and diasporas. Calling All Denizens aims to give rise to a more compassionate, ethical, and genuine vision of a society that holds its denizens dear.

This project is compiled within an accompanying Resource Book, published by the Women’s Studio Workshop.