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toolkit for cooperative, collective, & collaborative cultural work︎︎︎ 

The Institute for Expanded Research and Press Press are excited to release Toolkit for Cooperative, Collective, & Collaborative Cultural Work, a new publication available for free online and for purchase through the HolSol online store.

Based on two workshops that gathered Baltimore-based cultural organizers, artists, musicians, and community-oriented practitioners, the project explores the challenges of collective cultural work and shares processes, advice, and resources on navigating various cultural, financial, and structural obstacles. In centering collective working methods that are so counter to the ideologies and frameworks that are encountered daily in a capitalist society, Toolkit aims to honor and embrace our fundamental interconnectivity and interdependence as human beings. At the heart of this work lies the understanding that wellbeing, integrity, equity, and care is a collective responsibility. 

Toolkit is based on two workshops which gathered Baltimore-based people who are involved in cooperative, collective, or collaborative cultural work, including Allie Linn, Amy Reid, Bonnie Jones, C Kim (E'NB), E Cadoux, Tanya Garcia, Georgia McCandlish, Adriana Monsalve, Haniel Wides, Jacob Marley, Joseph Lee, Khadija Adell, Lu Zhang, Markele Cullins, N'Deye Diakhate, Priya Bhayana, and Rose Buttress. The workshops were facilitated by Valentina Cabezas, Kimi Hanauer, Bomin Jeon, and Bilphena Yahwon.

center for liberatory practice & poetry: a welcome letter ︎︎︎

This past year, I began the process of initiating the Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry (CLP&P), a virtual and nomadic education center that nourishes a network of shared learnings, dreams, strategies, and rituals as the building blocks for autonomous and liberated communities. Download a PDF of the welcome letter, CLP&P is one of many centers; an invitation; a constellation, to learn more about the project and how to get involved and explore more mindmaps.

intimate collectivity & invisible power: a sketch︎︎︎ 

Intimate Collectivity & Invisible Power was my contribution to Radical Softness as a Boundless Form of Resistance published by GenderFail Press in 2020.