weaving our values & practices

Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry

Read excerpt published with MARCH in September 2022 and download a PDF of the full publication. 

Gathering (as) Grammar: Workshopping Process

Values & Practices are a living and breathing set of agreements that invite those of us who gather through the Center to ground ourselves within a collectively-sourced vision of autonomous and liberated communities. These agreements are meant to be drafted and redrafted with the contributions and insights of folks who are part of the Center’s community as it changes and evolves. Thus, the agreements that emerge through this slow, ongoing, collective-process will be tasked with the ability to hold ambivalences and a multiplicity of perspectives with rigorous honesty and fluidity.

In the Spring - Summer of 2022, the Center facilitated the very first iteration of its Values & Practices with its inaugural team of Weavers, Denise Shanté Brown, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Lizania Cruz, Kearra Amaya Gopee, Katie Giritlian, Lo, Georgia McCandlish, and Malcolm Peacock, in collaboration with facilitators, Luz Orozco and Kimi Hanauer.  
The workshop was designed to center lived experiences as case studies through which a collective political framework may emerge. Our conversations were guided by several questions:

What embodied knowledge, emotional sensibilities, and intuitions offer us guidance in moments of interpersonal tension, conflict, and uncertainty? What embodied knowledge offers us necessary grounding and moments of joy, pleasure, warmth, relief, and calm? What values do we embody that we struggle with or even desire to unlearn? What values exist in us that we have yet to give language to?

You may access the workshop plan and stay tuned for future public iterations of the program to participate in this ongoing process.

Tarot Spread Reflection Guide 

You may use this reflection guide as is useful to you outside of or within one of the workshops.

💋 The reflection guide is based on a Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread and is inspired by the 7th Generation Principle. You can print it out, keep it digital, or interpret your own version of it.

💋 Using your free-write as source material (found in the workshop plan), work through this reflection guide as it feels good to you. Start with Card #1 using your free-write reflection, then move to #2, #3, and #4. Questions for each card appear above it.

💋 You can write, draw, collage, or fill in the cards in whatever processes compel you. You can focus on a portion of your free-write or dig into any associations that come up.

💋 Feel free to reinterpret and adjust this reflection guide or use another process as needed.

Trigger warning: This reflection can get very personal; please work on it according to your own needs.