neighbor histories library

New York City, NY, Spring 2024 
a collaboration with Katie Giritlian at the Center for Art Research and Alliances (CARA) Bookstore 

In collaboration with artist and publisher, Katie Giritlian, there / is / only / now  lives alongside neighbor histories, a reading library that has guided their mutual, ongoing practice of study, co-making, and conversation. neighbor histories holds space for a slow and sustained collaborative writing of histories. This library emerges through Hanauer and Giritlian’s personal investigations into their respective Jewish and Armenian lineages, imagining their entanglement with the many who live(d) in pre-partition lands in South West Asia and North Africa and their kin, while reckoning with the limitations of this pursuit. Working with lineage as a point of departure, neighbor histories attempts to potentialize modes of being, relating, and sharing that unsettle imperial fields of power.

Inviting visitors into the unstable study of potential history, there / is / only / now and neighbor histories ask: How do recurrent moments of violence implicate us to demand the “impossible”?

This activation corresponds with there / is / only / now, an ongoing body of work.