Press Press Storefront Studio & Library

Press Press, co-organized with Bilphena Yahwon, Vale Cabezas, and Lo

Baltimore, MD, 2016 - 2020
Press Press’s Studio & Storefront facilitated an open-access publishing studio based on a time-banking model, weekly public programs, political education workshops, and housed a public library in partnership with the Contemporary museum of Baltimore.

The Press Press Library was a collection of resources and publications that were recommended and thematically organized by more than 35 individuals, collectives, and organizations throughout 2016-2017, each of which selected a range of resources they deemed most essential to their practices. While the collection was mostly created through a local contingency, it also worked in conversation with a national network of artist-organized initiatives.

The  library was created as a way of collectively molding the culture of the space, holding Press Press’s work accountable to its context, and building on our approach to publishing. We often throw parties to honor any new grouping of library sections.