Calling all Denizens: Resource Book

Women’s Studio Workshop

New York, Summer 2019

he Resource Book, published by the Women’s Studio Workshop, compiles the research and writing that frames the broader social project. Largely inspired by White by Law: The Legal Construction of Race by Ian Haney Lopez, this book delves into the history of immigration and naturalization policy in the U.S., focusing on racial prerequisite laws which limited citizenship to “free white aliens” until 1952. It includes summaries of the 52 court cases that challenged these laws, naming the individuals who questioned the racialized nature of American citizenship.  This artist’s book is formatted as a toolkit for those wish to further the aims of Calling All Denizens, and consists of a xerox-printed resource book, workshop plan, letterpress-printed manifesto, pencil, and a screen-printed flag. The workshop plan is designed to facilitate expansive conversation and learning around the exclusive and racialized history of citizenship and may be reproduced for educational purposes.